Our Contributors (funds)

Fund Contributors
Our Fund Contributors have contributed the following amount for this project. Thank you for supporting this project.

Tan Chee Kiat, Singapore - SGD1,000
Chin Yeong Chien, Singapore - SGD500
Tô Diệu Khanh from Hanoi, Vietnam - SGD150
Jayce Tham, Singapore - SGD100
Joy Tham, Singapore - SGD100
Mc Creation, Singapore - SGD100
David Goh Jiayuan, Singapore - SGD100
Jasline Neo, Singapore - SGD100
Wong Sai Ho, Singapore - SGD100
Chelsia Thum, Singapore - SGD50
Alvin Tjioe, Singapore - SGD50
Joon Wong, Singapore - SGD50
Jean Wong, Hong Kong - SGD50
Harry Heung, Hong Kong - SGD50
Harish Raghavan, Singapore - SGD50
Alicia Ang, Singapore - SGD30
Sharen Wong, Singapore - SGD25
Bryce Crage from Perth, Australia - SGD25
Daniel Pan, Singapore - SGD25
Mary Chin, Singapore - SGD25
Andy Lum, Singapore - SGD25
Jason Kung, Brunei - SGD25
Pauline Fong, Singapore - SGD25
Daphne Ding, Singapore - SGD10

We have to raise a total sum of SGD16,875.40 inclusive of the following:
1) SGD7,490 to MEDIA LINK for printing costs for 1000 coffeetable books (special rates provided by MediaLink < http://www.medialink.com.sg/ > )

2) SGD1,200 to SINGAPORE POST for 1,000 A4 envelopes for delivery of the coffeetable books

3) SGD3,933.95 to SINGAPORE POST for international postage costs for the delivery of 196 books to 114 locations of the Japan Embassies worldwide

4) SGD2030.40 to SINGAPORE POST for international postage costs for the delivery of 141 books to the 47 prefectures in Japan

5) SGD2,221.05 to SINGAPORE POST for local postage costs for the delivery of remaining books to photo donars and funds donars (Any additional amount incurred for international postages will be funded by us)

Please kindly support us in our project. Do contact us at withlovetojapan2011@gmail.com if you would like to join us. All fund contributors will be credited in the book.

Thank you.